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Designing a Successful Portfolio
A good road map to investment success includes three portfolios.

SEM Investment Spectrum 201605v4The first is a short-term portfolio for emergency funds or money you will need in one to two years. Risk should be minimal for this portfolio, which tends to experience returns in line with money market performance.

The second tier is a mid-term portfolio for funds you many need in two to five years. These investments should have low or moderate volatility, depending upon your risk tolerance.

The third long-term portfolio is targeted toward investments with the potential to achieve substantial growth at a rate of return that exceeds the impact of taxes and inflation. To achieve real growth, this portfolio tends to be exposed to greater volatility. 

To meet the risk and return requirements of each portfolio, Strategic Equity Management offers targeted investment programs using dynamic asset allocation among numerous stock and bond asset classes. These programs are available through taxable and tax-deferred accounts as well as variable annuities.

Before investing, we recommend that you review your financial situation with your financial advisor and together evaluate the description, historical performance and risk level for each Strategic Equity Management program. All investments carry some degree of risk. It should be noted that the possibility for loss exists along with the potential for profit. Also, because markets are influenced by a variety of conditions, future performance based on prior results should not be assumed.

Next, decide which program(s) are suitable for your situation and how they fit into your three portfolios. Remember to preferentially use tax deferred accounts in your long-term portfolio.

Finally, determine the appropriate investment allocation to the Strategic Equity Management programs that you have selected.

Remember, your success will depend upon establishing a long-term investment approach and sticking with it over time. At Strategic Equity Management, our goal is to provide you with a road to lifetime investing success.

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